We are the elite stormtroopers of the Emperor's Hammer ("EH"), an online non-profit Star Wars fan club from the Imperial perspective. The EH has many fictional stormtrooper units spread across its worlds and ships, but we are the best. We consist of highly trained Imperial stormtroopers who perform special operations for the Fleet, ranging from black ops to deep strikes. Feared throughout the galaxy, only the best recruits become a member of the Hammer's Fist ("HF"). Our recruits are the other army units' hardened veterans.

In practical terms, the EH is divided into subgroups which allow members to experience the Star Wars universe from most any perspective they wish. For instance, if a person is interested in Jedi, the Dark Brotherhood would be a subgroup to look at. If you are interested in Stormtroopers, then wer are it.

We are the oldest subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer, founded in May of 1995. Our main game platforms are: Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight 2, and Star Wars: Battlefront II. We also support any first person shooter or real time strategy game with a Star Wars modification. Besides computer gaming, we offer non-game activities such as fiction writing, graphics creation, and other creative avenues.

To join the Hammer's Fist, all you need is a sense of fun and an internet connection. There is a joining form you may fill out on the Hammer's Fist domain site. This site is hosted by members, and so may change its address from time to time. The HF domain site will always be accessible through our parent organization's domain site at http://www.emperorshammer.org/.

The current version of the manual was contributed to by:

  • MGN Archenksov
    Prefect of the Legion

  • BGN Ulrich Drachen
    Executive Officer

  • COL Sparky
    Commander of Operations

Based on previous versons by:

  • Major General Astin
    Prefect of the Legion (ret.)
  • Brigadier General Qiliang
    Commander, Training (ret.)
  • Lieutenant General Veers
    Commander, Personnel (ret.)
  • Field Marshal Tarkin
    Prefect of the Legion (ret.)
  • High General Fugazi
    Commander, Personnel (ret.)
  • Field Marshal Ares
    Prefect of the Legion (ret.)
  • Brigadier General Ric Hunter, Vice Prefect of the Legion (ret.)
  • Colonel Tygarin Cypher
    Executive Officer (ret.)
  • Brigader General Narthax
    Executive Officer (ret.)
  • What is the HF?
  • What is this manual?
  • Structure of the HF
  • Special Ops. Command
  • Support Staff
  • Positions
  • Ranks
  • Identification Lines
  • Procedures
  • Awards and Medals
  • CSMA and Training
  • Activities
  • EH Bylaws
  • Articles of War