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Hammer's Fist Operation Information

Operation: Reporting for Duty
Starts: March 8, 2016 Ends: April 5, 2016

The HF is doubling down and building ourselves up to full combat readiness in anticipation of serious combat operations next month. Here’s how the scoring is going to work for RfD:

  • 1 point for every WSM earned from an RfD competition
  • 2 points for every ICM earned from an RfD competition
  • 5 points for every RfD competition entered
  • 10 points for every CoD-bss from an RfD competition
  • 20 points for every CoD-sss from an RfD competition
  • 30 points for every CoD-gss from an RfD competition

As a major, subgroup-wide competition covering all areas of our activity, this competition is eligible for the coveted CoD-pss. Note: screenshots will not count towards a competition if you don’t select that6 comp when submitting. The following competitions will be counted as part of RfD:

  • Live Fire Exercises (Battlefront)
  • Killing Time (Pazaak)
  • Semper Huh? (Motto)
  • Name, Rank, and Serial Number (Wiki)
  • Alpha Mail
  • Milk This For All It's Worth
  • Vo Forth and Conquer

Standings for this operation are below:

No stats currently available for this operation

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