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Prefect's Propaganda Poster
Starts: November 9, 2015 Ends: November 23, 2015
There's a lot of Star Wars paraphenalia floating around in my building, including my own little collection of Imperial propaganda. What we are missing, however, is recruitment fliers for the HF. To that end I'm opening a competition. Your task is to design a flier to attract new recruits. It must fit the following specifications:
- Design fits nicely on an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper (standard office/letter size, for those not hot on Imperial measurements)
- Link to either hf.emperorshammer.org or hf.emperorshammer.org/join.php easily visible.
- Design should indicate that we are a SW gaming club with an imperial theme. Reference to Battlefront is encouraged.
- Give me space to including my work contact info - making the design a little short so I have margin space is fine.
Entries are due by November 23. You may submit as many as you please. The winner will receive a CoD appropriate to the number of contestants.

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