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Hammer's Fist Operation Information

The First Missions
Starts: November 14, 2015 Ends: December 31, 2015
The Hammer’s Fist has begun operations on the planet Carrida II. All four squads are being deployed in various locations to aid in calm the planet down and put minds at ease. Alpha and Beta Squads are being deployed to recover important communications equipment while Epsilon Squad and Eode’s Eopies (Delta Squad) identify who is really leading the uprisings among the civilian population.
What: This is the second canon fiction Operation for the HF. The purpose is to begin creating fiction about our endeavors to fully pacify the planet Carrida II. Each member should have the story center around their squads assignment during the mission described in the backstory fiction. This comp will have two rounds, the first being the best fiction for the squad (as judged by the WO:PRF). Then the best overall fiction from the four squads will then go head to head against each other.
The best squad level story will win a CoD with Silver Star Cluster and CoD with Bronze with Silver Star Cluster for second. The best overall story will earn a CoD with Gold Star Cluster, with second and third getting a Silver Star Cluster and Bronze Star Cluster respectively.
All participants who submit over 250 words will receive the Intelligence Commendation Medal and any participant who and writes over 1000 words which is then accepted as canon will earn the Hammer of Intelligence.
Who: All members of the HF (Including the SOC, but excluding the WO:PRF). No group submissions. When: Sunday November 14th, until November 30th.
Starting on Nov 14th, this Operation will run through USA Thanksgiving, hence why it will last several weeks. All submissions should be sent through the “Submit Screenshots” page in either a Word or PDF document. If there are any issues, contact the Webmaster COL leocardo and create a ticket and also send the WO:PRF an email at harrisonkimsey@yahoo.com
The standard Grading Scale will be used along with these extra rules:
-No Ep 7 items (at the moment)
-No Force users, or at least no Sith, Jedi, Dark Jedi, or Grey Jedi
-Must follow the missions laid out in the backstory fiction
Sustainment (In universe resources you have access too)
I am not sure what to do here other than put some constraints here in the future, also helping keep everyone grounded. (i.e. You don’t have tanks on this assignment because you’re in the jungle, but you do have access to artillery)

Standings for this operation are below:

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