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Hammer's Fist Operation Information

Hammer's Fist Banner Image
Starts: November 21, 2015 Ends: December 12, 2015


The Fleet Commander has commenced an upgrade to the main EH site at EmperorsHammer.org. Namely, we will be receiving a link to our site on the front page, alongside links to the TC page, the DB's Enjin page, and the main body of EH.org. To facilitate this, GA Rapier has requested that we set our best and brightest men to the task.

Your mission is to create a banner image representing the Hammer's Fist that will be used as our subgroup's face on the EH website. Examples of previous banners for subgroups are available here. You have freedom to design it at the size of your choosing, though be aware that you may be asked to resize it to fit the new page's design.

Because this is a competition commissioned by the Fleet Commander himself, the winner will receive a rare Cross of Destruction with Platinum Star Cluster.


Standings for this operation are below:

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