The Hammer's Fist, like any real-world military organization, needs to reward members for outstanding performance. Promotion and position advancement is not always a practical method of doing so. To that end, the Hammer's Fist has developed a series of medals designed to reward outstanding service, bravery, and exemplary behavior.


 Please note that HF members are eligible to receive Emperor's Hammer and Dark Brotherhood medals as well as the Hammer's Fist-specific medals here. With the exception of the Medal of Honor (MoH), all EH and DB medals rank below that of the HF medals in order of display; that is, non-HF medals are listed on a separate line below the HF medals. Only HF medals, EH medals, and DB medals may be placed in the member's ID Line. EH and DB medals are placed below the HF medal line in that order.

 There are different types of Hammer's Fist medals, categorized into merit medals, service medals, and commendations. All of these medal types may be placed in the member's ID line.

Merit Medals
Service Medals





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