Special Operations Command (SOC) consists of the highest ranking officers in the Hammer's Fist in positions that effectively shape the way the entire group operates. Positions in this unit are extremely demanding and equally as important. The individual positions in SOC along with their designations are as follows:

SOC-1: Prefect of the Legion (PRF)
The Prefect is the commanding officer of the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion. He/she is responsible for overall operation, discipline, and activity of the Legion. In addition, the Prefect processes all roster transfers and promotions of officers at or above the rank of Brigadier General. The Prefect is answerable only to the Fleet Commander and Executive Officer of the Emperor's Hammer.

The Prefect's duties include:

  • Report at the beginning of the month detailing the goals and projects of the HF leadership for that month.
  • Impromptu reports on changes to SOC roster or policy.
  • Informal weekly check-ins with all SOC members and top-level unit leaders.
  • Oversee top-level projects, e.g. CSMA renovation, possessions system, new site, etc.

SOC-2: Executive Officer of the Legion (XO)
The Executive Officer is the second in command of the Hammer's Fist, and is responsible for assisting the Prefect in his duties and should step in to lead the Hammer's Fist in the Prefect's absence. The Executive Officer is responsible for the processing of all rank promotions up to Colonel, all medal awards, and placing members on the roster.

The Executive Officer's duties include:

  • Biweekly reports on roster changes and major medal awards.
  • Process promotions and medal recommendations
  • Serve the role of Squad Leader for the members of the SOC.

SOC-3: Commander of Operations (CO)
The Commander of Operations is responsible for the creation and running of Hammer's Fist-wide gaming operations and competitions. The Commander of Operations should work very closely with the Hammer's Fist's commanding officers to ensure that there are always fun activities for the group's members to do.

The Commander of Operation's duties include:

  • Process screenshots in time for automated medal report on Friday.
  • Run at least one competition each month for the primary gaming platform.
  • Run at least one other gaming competition each month, for any HF platform or for a mobile, flash, or free to play game.
  • Biweekly reports on new or closing gaming competitions, new game modes or platforms, and changes to CO policy.

SOC-4: Commander of Intelligence (CI)
The Commander of Training is responsible for creation and oversight of all fiction and roleplaying activities for the Hammer's Fist. Additionally, the Commander of Intelligence is charged with creating and updating articles relevant to the Hammer's Fist in the Encyclopedia Imperia wiki.

The Commander of Intelligence's duties include:

  • Process submitted character fiction in time for automated medal report on Friday.
  • Run at least one competition each month for prose fiction that advances the overall HF canon.
  • Run at least one other writing competition each month, for fiction, roleplaying, comedy, poetry, or any other activity under the umbrella of the Intelligence Office.
  • Monthly reports on new or closing writing competitions, new RP opportunities, and changes to CI policy.

SOC-5: Signals Officer (SO)
The Commander of Internet Affairs is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the online Hammer's Fist website.

The Signals Officer's duties include:

  • Provide informal briefing on site status to PRF and/or XO every week.
  • Maintain existing web presence.
  • Implement new features to the website as directed by the SOC.




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