The Hammer's Fist is a heavily militarized organization, and is structured as such. Below you will find a list with descriptions of each unit contained within the Hammer's Fist, going from smallest to largest. Please note that some units listed here are not actively used on the Hammer's Fist roster. These units are "inactive" and not shown on the roster, but still considered part of the structure.


 A Squad consists of five Troopers (TRP) and is led by a Squad Leader (SL). This is the smallest organizational unit in the Hammer's Fist. Squads are given unique nicknames. Example: Havoc 2

 A Platoon is a collection of three Squads and is led by a Platoon Commander (PC). A Platoon can consist of up to 19 troopers. Platoons are numbered 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. These names are unique to the Company that they are attached to. Example: 1st Platoon

 A Company is a collection of three Platoons and is led by a Company Commander (CC). A Company can consist of up to 58 troopers. Each company is named with a letter of the Aurebesh alphabet: Aurek, Besh, or Cresh.  Example: Company Cresh

Battalion is a collection of three Companies and is led by a Battalion Commander. A Battalion can consist of up to 175 troopers. Each Battalion is named with a unique unit organizational number and name. The name generally has historical significance and does not necessarily refer to its mission. Example: 7th Sky Battalion

 A Brigade is a collection of two Battalions and is led by a Brigade Commander. A Brigade can consist of up to 351 troopers. This is the highest unit in the structure of the Hammer's Fist below Special Operations Command. Brigades are named with a unique unit organizational number, and is often followed with a name that corresponds to it's mission. Example: 1st Special Operations Brigade

Special Operations Command
 Special Operations Command is the commanding body of the Hammer's Fist. It consists of several high ranking officers in positions that shape how the Hammer's Fist operates.




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