This chapter discusses all of the administrative procedures of the Hammer's Fist, from joining the group to transferring to promotions. All members of the Hammer's Fist, whether you are a brand new recruit or a seasoned Company Commander, should familiarize themselves with this chapter.

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Joining the Hammer's Fist

Currently, people wishing to join the Hammer's Fist should fill out an application located under the Join Us! link on the main HF website, Once an application is filled out, the new member is assigned to PLT Declaration as a new Recruit. Once the cadet

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Chain of Command

The Hammer's Fist operates as part of a military dictatorship, as such the existence of a chain of command is imperative to ensure that the Legion runs smoothly and effectively.

The chain of command tells you who your direct leader is, and who their leader is above them. As a member of the Hammer's Fist, you are required to obey lawful orders made by your direct leader. The chain of command also gives you clear steps to take in the event that you have an issue with a particular member. If you are unable to resolve your issue with the member in question personally, you should look on the chain of command to see who their direct leader is and take the issue to them. If they are unable to help you, you would continue up the chain of command until you reach the Prefect of the Legion. You should NEVER skip a person in the chain of command unless it is that person that you have an issue with. If the Prefect is unable to resolve the issue, it will be forwarded to the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff.

The current chain of command is as follows, starting from the lowest position:

Trooper (TRP)

Squad Leader (SL)

Platoon Commander (PC)

Company Commander (CC)

Battalion Commander (BTC)

Brigade Commander (BGC)

Strategic Operations Command Members (SOC)

Executive Officer of the Legion (XO)

Prefect of the Legion (PRF)

Fleet Commander and Executive Officer of the Emperor's Hammer (FC, XO)

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Rank Promotions

Being promoted in the Hammer's Fist is always considered an honor and unless you have achieved your maximum rank you should always be working hard to get your next promotion. In order to be promoted, you must first meet the requirements for your next rank as outlined in the Ranks chapter. Your direct superior however always has the final say when promoting you, and if he/she feels that you have not done enough to deserve a promotion you may not receive one even though you have met it's minimum requirements.

If you are in a leadership position, you have the ability to recommend a promotion for any member serving beneath you. You may not however promote a member beyond their position's maximum rank, and you may not promote a member to a rank greater than your own. If you wish to promote a member to a rank greater than your own, you must request that a higher ranking member above you in your chain of command make the recommendation instead. In general, you should only ever recommend a rank promotion for members DIRECTLY under you, unless a subordinate leader wishes to promote a member but is unable to due to their own rank.

Rank promotion recommendations should be made using the Hammer's Fist database. The XO reviews all rank promotion recommendations up to the rank of Colonel, and will have final say whether or not these recommendations become official. The Prefect reviews recommendations for promotions above Colonel.

The following is a quick chart detailing each positions' minimum and maximum rank allowed. You may also view this information in more detail in the Positions chapter. For specific promotion requirements, see each rank's individual entry in the Ranks chapter.

Position Minimum Rank
Trooper (TRP) Private (PVT)
Squad Leader (SL) Corporal (CPL)
Platoon Commander (PC) 2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
Company Commander (CC) Second Lieutenant (2LT)
Battalion Commander (BTC) Captain (CPT)
Brigade Commander (BGC) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
Special Operations Command (SOC) Colonel (COL)
Prefect of the Legion (PRF) Major General (MGN)

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Position Appointments

Position appointments involves the placement of a member into a position of leadership. This generally takes place by a leader opening a subordinate position for applications and a member applying. When the leader makes a decision as to which member to assign the position to, they will send an appointment request via email to everyone above them in their chain of command up to Brigade Commander and including the Executive Officer and Prefect of the Legion. The Prefect will have final approval on the appointment, and if approved will assign the position to the member on the database and inform all parties involved.

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In the event that a Trooper wishes to transfer to another Team, both the member transferring and the leaders involved must be sure to follow these steps carefully to avoid any confusion by the parties involved.

Step One: The member wishing to transfer must first contact their Squad Leader and Platoon Commander to express their interest in transferring. The member should explain the reason for the transfer so that the FTL and DL can try and resolve any issues that may be causing the member to transfer.

Step Two: One approved by their FTL and DL, the member wishing to transfer should send an official transfer request email to both their own FTL and DL, and the FTL and DL of the unit that they wish to transfer to.

Step Three: If the DL of the unit the member is transferring to approves, the FTL should then forward the transfer request and the DL's approval to each leader above them in their chain of command, up to Brigade Commander and including the Executive Officer and Prefect of the Legion.

Step Four: The Prefect of the Legion will process the transfer in the database and inform all parties involved.

The Prefect should be the LAST person to be contacted in a transfer process.

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Retiring from and Returning to Active Duty

The Homeguard is an inactive unit on the roster that holds all retired members. These members retain their rank and profile, however are considered inactive until they return to active duty. If you wish to retire, send a request to your direct leader informing them of your decision and make sure you specify if you would like to be sent to the Homeguard or have your profile hidden and removed from any visible roster. The leader should then forward the request up their chain of command including the Executive Officer and Prefect. The Prefect will process the retirement.

 For retired members that wish to return to active duty, you should contact the leader of the unit you wish to be assigned to. The leader should then forward the request up their chain of command including the Executive Officer and Prefect. The Prefect will process the transfer.

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