The Hammer's Fist has its own identification line system to enable members to easily see the position, rank, name, and other information of fellow troopers at a glance. It is requested that all members place their unique ID line at the bottom of any message sent to other Hammer's Fist members and especially when sending emails to Emperor's Hammer members not in the Hammer's Fist so it is easier for them to see who you are. This is mandatory in communiqués of an official nature and for those emails to officers many levels removed from the sender. A Company Commander may not personally know every member of his or her company, and cannot be expected to know the names of those in rival companies. Be considerate. Use your ID lines! It is often very easy to simply create an automatic signature in your email client that contains your ID line.

ID Line Structure

The Hammer's Fist ID line system is a straightforward one and is designed for quick reading. The most important information is displayed first with lesser information appearing later. The ID line format is as follows:

Position/Rank Name/Unit Breakdown =Certification1,Certification2,etc=

Position - This is your abbreviated position in the Hammer's Fist.

Rank and Name - This is your abbreviated rank in the Hammer's Fist followed by your name.

Unit - This is the breakdown of the unit you are assigned to and it's place in the Hammer's Fist organization. The first unit you list is the unit you are specifically assigned to. Each unit afterwards, separated by a slash "/", indicates parent units. Unit names are abbreviated to shorten the length of the ID line.
Note - If only one Brigade exists in the Hammer's Fist, you do not need to display the Brigade name in your ID line.

Certifications - These are the CSMA courses that you have successfully completed. In the case of certifications in a series, you only include the highest certification in the series that you have. The certifications in your ID line are abbreviated and listed highest to lowest.

Medals - These are the medals that you have been awarded. Although most medals are included on your ID line, there are some that are not. Be sure to read the Awards and Medals chapter to make sure you know whether or not to display a particular medal. Medals are displayed on your ID line abbreviated and sorted highest in value to lowest. The medals section of your ID line is generally put on the line after your unit designation and certifications. If you have more than one medal, you would add an "x#" after the medal, the # in place of how many of that medal you have. Displaying your medals on your ID line is optional.

So for example, Private First Class Bob is a Trooper assigned to Havok Squad of Company Besh, which is part of the 66th Direct Action Company. The 66th Direct Action Company is assigned to the 7th Sky Battalion. There is only one Brigade in the Hammer's Fist, so we do not need to worry about that. He has received his Stormtrooper certification and has been awarded a Legion of Service and two Crosses of Obedience medals. The ID line would look like this:

FTM/PFC Bob/Havok/Aurek/66th DA/7th Sky =S=
[LoS, CoOx2]


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