What you hold in your hands is the bible of the Hammer's Fist. Inside its digital covers is information on our group structure, chain of command, procedures for joining, leaving, and transferring, ranking system, medals and awards, activities we officially sanction, and more. If you have questions about the group, refer to this manual first since many common question are answered here. This manual also houses limited information on our parent organization, the Emperor's Hammer. For detailed information on the EH, refer to the EH manuals available through the EH's website (http://www.emperorshammer.org/). Other subgroups have their own manuals as well, available through their respective websites which are all linked to through the EH's site.

  • What is the HF?
  • What is this manual?
  • Structure of the HF
  • Special Ops. Command
  • Support Staff
  • Positions
  • Ranks
  • Identification Lines
  • Procedures
  • Awards and Medals
  • CSMA and Training
  • Activities
  • EH Bylaws
  • Articles of War